MNBE integrates Logistics and Mission Services Support operations in high growth, emerging and complex environments throughout their lifecycle. With practical knowledge of places, procedures and people gained over many years of working in local communities, MNBE has an expert understanding of the challenges that clients will face and is practiced at providing solutions to overcome these challenges, mitigate risk and support successful operations. We are uniquely positioned to provide current and innovative solutions of international equipment and materiel movements in the global supply chain.  We understand the interconnected security and economic needs of our clients as their passengers, cargo, and conveyances move throughout the world. MNBE can offer expert advice to assist clients to plan projects of any duration.

We provide the following services in this area:

  • Local and International Procurement
  • Inventory Management and Cost control
  • Materials Handling
  • International Travel
  • Supply Chain Security and Management Advisory Services

MNBE can support the initial mobilization and subsequent on-going operations of clients by providing services such as country entry logistics, medical provision, digital communications, accommodations, life support, and vehicle leasing and maintenance.  MNBE identifies and will institute an extensive network of local suppliers and providers who can complement these services where required. Our experience of mobilizing operations in support of clients in some of the world’s most challenging environments provides a solid basis for its country entry logistics service provision. We have succeeded in supporting client insertion into new, unstable markets such as Mexico, Afghanistan, and Iraq through a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the national business and logistics environments.

During the mobilization phase of client operations, MNBE can identify a government liaison, facilitate company registration and licensing, and perform due diligence on local legal and commercial partners. Our country entry logistics services enable a smooth transition from the planning to mobilization phase. We mitigate the pitfalls of operating in countries with poorly established logistics infrastructure by drawing on our international team’s expertise. We work at providing an entry logistics services to improve the efficiency of clearance processes and identify the most efficient routes within areas of limited transport infrastructure. Local logistics service providers, such as suppliers and service operators, are vetted for competence and quality. These services, combined with the ability to track assets, shipments and people, allow our clients to mobilize on time and on budget.

The accommodation and life support services which MNBE provides for clients crosses a broad range of disciplines, enabling our clients to focus on their core business by ensuring that they have a secure and comfortable environment in which to live. MNBE can provide accommodation acquisition services in line with client project requirements. Villas and office facilities can be established with security and then equipped with the services and facilities required that ensures client and staff comfort. Catering services can be designed to ensure high-quality menus to appeal to all international tastes. Cleaning and laundry services always make use of vetted local staff, creating local employment and increasing local acceptance. We can provide recreational facilities designed  so that staff downtime is enjoyable and high staff morale is maintained. These facilities could include gyms, television rooms, and game rooms as well as quiet spaces for personal relaxation.