MNBE leverages its teams’ experience as operators and managers in the government, corporate, and military sectors by offering appropriately scaled security advisory and management services to our customers. We provide the following services in this area:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  •  Risk Management and Security Evaluation and Improvement
  •  Technology and Equipment Recommendations
  •  Personnel Staffing, Manpower, Training and Management
  •  Technical Security Development and Maintenance
  •  Emergency Action Plans and Crisis Management Plans
  •  Evacuation Plans and Protocols
  •  Medical Support

MNBE’s team of Risk Management experts is comprised of professionals who have managed and worked on major security projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Mexico. They have also been involved in developing policy and procedures for military and civilian organizations, large to small, globally.  Our team consists of tested and proven operators and leaders of critical military and civilian organizations.  In a world dominated with uncertainty, risk management has transformed how everyone does business.  MNBE has the experience to deliver appropriately scaled Risk Management And Security Solutions to government, private sector corporate, and individual clients alike.